Planning and Consulting

furniture fit-outs for Educational Establishments, Offices, Healthcare, Industry and almost any type of commercial furniture application

Planning and Consulting

Safety, accessibility and utilization are the most important factors to consider when developing a highly functional laboratory. Their relationship to critical support functions, space allocation and designing with modules should be discussed with your TM LAB SYSTEMS dealer, lab partner or architect to create the safest and most functional layout for your facility.

TM LAB SYSTEMS dealers with extensive experience will guide you through such critical issues as selecting the correct chemical fume hood, mechanical interface, safely storing and using chemicals, emergency considerations and safety equipment. TM LAB SYSTEMS product experts, with the support of our dealer organization, work in partnership with project architects, facilities engineers, lab managers and end users to develop a plan to meet everyone’s needs.

TM LAB SYSTEMS is not only a trading company that sells readily available products but at the same time provides planning and consulting with the clients’ requirements. We take responsibility on every project we received, give advices to resolve the problems encountered by finding the best solution to meet the clients and end users needs.

Strategic Planning consultant

Here are the key things you should expect from a Strategic Planning consultant:

Provide a Process

The Strategic Planning consultant should provide a proven, effective process to analyze and understand the organization, its competitive position and a method for developing solutions.

Ask Probing, Challenging Questions

To maintain the integrity of the strategic planning process and prevent it from becoming a token effort, the consultant needs to ask management tough, challenging and probing questions. Answering these questions may sometimes be uncomfortable, even personal, but they shed light on the key reasons for the company’s lack of performance.

The consultant cannot and should not avoid stepping on toes. It is essential to the success of the Strategic Planning process that the key issues are exposed and discussed in a mature, professional, objective and rational manner. There is no room for sacred cows or taboo topics; anything and everything should be open for discussion.

Challenge the Status-Quo

The company’s performance cannot be improved if the status-quo is never challenged and management is not willing and able to discuss, let alone implement, change.

Honest, Candid Assessment

Consultants can and should call it as they see it. They must openly discuss organizational, individual or group weaknesses with the executive team. It is the consultant’s professional obligation to conduct a candid assessment and report the results.

Difficult issues must be discussed with the management team and the need for real change explained if Strategic Planning is to be successful and impact the company’s future. Leaving sensitive issues unaddressed weakens the organization, and prevents it from finding real solutions and improving performance.

Keep What Works

Every business has its strengths as well. A consultant should recognize these strengths and focus on preserving the successful elements of the business.

Identify and Address What Doesn’t Work

The most important thing the consultant must deliver is objective information about the company’s weaknesses and what’s not working and what that means to the options the company has available.

Analysis and Hands-on Involvement

It is the consultant’s responsibility to develop a sound understanding of the client’s business as well as the company’s organizational structure. This insight is important to properly evaluate the business and recommend ways for improvement.

In addition, the consultant provides additional manpower to the strategic planning team, working side-by-side with management, carrying out market research, formulating and evaluating strategic options, creating financial projections, and so on.

Link Strategy with Execution

The purpose of Strategic Planning is not to create a thick, impressive document that sits on the bookshelf, but to develop a detailed action plan for achieving growth that is ready for execution.

Without skillful implementation of the plan the company is no better off than it was before the Strategic Planning effort. The consultant can play a watch dog role during the execution phase to make sure that everything stays on track.

A Strategic Planning consultant can bring a fresh, independent perspective, expertise as well as hands-on manpower to a strategic planning effort. Next time your small company is thinking about developing a strategic plan, consider hiring a Strategic Planning consultant.

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We specialize in furniture fit-outs for Educational Establishments, Offices, Healthcare Industry and almost any type of commercial furniture application.
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